The aim of TALL is to create a knowledgeable workforce to enhance competitiveness.



TAKE Academy is an authorized HUB partner for TISS – SVE for Pharmaceutical Vertical. TALL in association with TATA Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education conducts a degree programme for workers of Pharmaceutical Industry.

This is a part of Skill India Initiative to create skilled workforce where plus two passed student are eligible to take up this course.

This is a Continuing Education Programme. Pharma companies use this to motivate their workers and plug attrition.


Course Title : B. Voc. – Pharma Manufacturing

Batch Size    : 35 to 40 students

These students undergo 3 years programme as follows:-

       I year      : Diploma

       II year    : Advanced Diploma

       III year  : BVoc. – Pharma Manufacturing

A pharma company accepts to host the batch of students for training in the company. They sponsor the fees of the students and also pay stipend to the students. The company is also benefited as this is a CSR initiative.

There are two models :-

  • Educate their workforce
  • Sponsor students for skill development



The Pharma Company hosting the students, have no obligation on completion of the course to absorb the students to the company.


For more details: 8144808255 / contact@edutall.com